Meet the team at The Bendigo Cleaning Company

The Bendigo Cleaning Company - Established 2003 by Cathy & Martin Leach

Cathy & Martin Leach

Business Owners

The Bendigo Cleaning Company - General Manager Esther Ryan

Esther Ryan

General Manager

The Bendigo Cleaning Company - Office Manager Sarah Crocker

Sarah Crocker

Administration Manager

The Bendigo Cleaning Company - Senior Supervisor Julie Garner

Julie Garner

Senior Supervisor Cleaning Operations

The Bendigo Cleaning Company - Payroll Officer Belinda Smith

Belinda Smith

Payroll Officer

Don Wilson and Geralyn Thompson

Joint Employees of the Year 2017

The Bendigo Cleaning Company - Tamara Taylor Employee of the Year 2016

Tamara Taylor

Employee of the Year 2016

The Bendigo Cleaning Company - Craig Mackey Employee of the Year 2015

Craig Mackley

Employee of the Year 2015.

The Bendigo Cleaning Company - Julie Garner Employee of the Year 2014

Julie Garner

Employee of the Year 2014

The Bendigo Cleaning Company - Janice Scoble Employee of the Year 2013

Janice Scoble

Employee of the Year 2013

Are you interested in a career in cleaning?

The cleaning industry is one of Australia’s largest industries and welcomes a broad range of workers.

There are full-time, part-time and casual jobs available in cleaning, at a variety of times and days.  Some jobs require teams, others are carried out by one person, but all require a level of responsibility and attention to detail as cleaning is important work.  Some sites require the use of very technical equipment, and others do not.  For those interested in leadership opportunities there are good career pathways in cleaning as large facilities require supervisors and managers. 

The Bendigo Cleaning Company aims to be an employer of choice in the Bendigo region and welcomes queries about joining our happy team.  We are an ethical employer and pay correct wages.  We also provide all equipment and ongoing training and support.

Please feel welcome to ask about work with The Bendigo Cleaning Company.  You may bring a resumee to our office at 169 Eaglehawk Road Bendigo and arrange to speak to our People & Culture (HR) Officer, or you may send us a message via the contact page on this website.

We look forward to hearing from you.  Good luck with your application.